Leadership Coaching

Leadership comes in all shapes and sizes and doesn’t necessarily
mean the person at the very top in a business. Leaders exist throughout organisations and many people are called on to take the lead in particular situations from time to time. Likewise, executives and managers will be working with many stakeholders inside and outside their businesses. Coaching is all about working with someone so that you can be better placed to achieve the goals you set for yourself and your business. This is both challenging and stimulating with the coach remaining objective throughout. What is key is that
the outcomes and actions that are developed are yours and yours alone. The coach’s role is to assist you in getting there without taking over what is rightly your responsibility.

First-Time Leader Coaching

When people are asked to take the lead for the first time it can be a real challenge. They may be comfortable with technical areas but they now needto become comfortable relying on others and getting used to nonecessarily knowing all the answers. Working with a Leadership Coach enables them to successfully navigate this important transition period.

Group Coaching

Businesses today accomplish things by people working together in groups or teams. Group coaching assists in developing and implementing a way forward for how the group will work together and achieve its goals and outcomes.

Personal Coaching

Whether you are looking for a new job, are preparing for new assignments or looking to expand your horizons your coach will assist you in developing your own goals and plans to achieve them.

We are committed to providing an effective and professional coaching service at all times and are committed to the ICF’s Code of Ethics.
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