Project Coaching

Each team member has their own part to play in a programme or project. It’s only by working together as a team that project benefits can be realised. A Project Coach works with the team and individuals to ensure their collective and personal objectives align to ensure overall project success. The coach will challenge the project (or programme), its leader and team members as part of the coaching process so that they develop a way or working that matches their and their clients’ needs.

Health Checks

Sometimes project leaders and managers become so focused on delivering the outcomes and benefits for their clients they fail to see the wood for the trees. Different stakeholders have different views and perspectives on progress that can cause distractions and divergence from plans. Regular independent Health Checks allow you to take the temperature of your project and get valuable objective assessments on what needs to be done to further improve your chances of successful outcomes.

Critical Friend Support

Project leaders have to deal with engaged and not so engaged stakeholders each have their own agenda. What if the project leader could rely on someone who has only their project in mind, who is independent and isn’t caught up with all the political infighting that so often bedevils projects? A Critical Friend tells you straight, tells you ‘like it is’ and projects and programmes need this in just the same way as people.

Project Mentoring

Mentoring allows clients to work with mentors who themselves have significant programme and project management experience. Project mentors meet with their clients on a regular basis and during these discussions clients are able to develop their own way forward from a personal development standpoint while improving their own project delivery performance. The knowledge and experience the project mentor brings to the engagement is invaluable to the individual and the project alike.